CUPE Local 4504 has an active committee structure. Without committees our union would not run, it’s how we do most of our work! We rely on members to volunteer to help on these committees and it provides another avenue for members to participate in the union’s democracy.



Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee (Best Practices Committee) is made up of members of the union and management with the goal of taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of all who work at Forward House.   Committee meetings are lead by a cochair from both the Union and Management. The Union and Management also each have a “Certified Member” who has received specialized training to conduct in depth H&S inspections and investigations.   Each location where bargaining unit members work is represented by a union member on the committee.  This member is responsible for conducting  monthly inspections of their location and to represent their program at Health and Safety Meetings. The members of the committee attend six meetings annually.   The meetings for 2017 are scheduled on the following dates at the Forward House office:

January 25
March 29
May 31
June 28
September 27
November 29

Location:                                       Representative
Dept 80
Dept 85
Dept 50
Dept 75

Dept 90
Dept 65
Dept 55

Dept 36&37
Dept 34
Dept 70

Dept 40
Dept 35
Dept 38