Executive and Stewards

The Executive:

The Executive is made up of your coworkers and are elected by the membership every three years.  The Executive consists of five positions: the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Secretary Treasurer and the Sergeant at Arms. The Executive are your coworkers who volunteer to be responsible for overseeing the daily business of the local and conduct general meetings.  The current executive is:

President: Kent Barrett
Vice-President:  Janice Heywood Bruce
Treasurer: Kevin Pole
Recording Secretary: DJ Chrissley
Membership Officer: Eric Everett


Stewards are local union members who help members solve problems and organize within the local. A steward’s key role is to be a vital link between the membership and the local’s elected leaders. Some of a steward’s duties include: day to day contact with members, handling and investigating members’ complaints, filing grievances for contract violations, supporting members at grievance hearings and disciplinary meetings, documenting problems in the workplace and informing the executive. If you have a problem at work regarding: harassment; non payment for overtime or shifts; scheduling; training and promotions; health and safety or any other violation of the collective agreement the locals stewards are volunteers with the knowledge and training to help.